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BORAM Agency specialises in public interest campaigns that address social issues with emphasis on public education.

BORAM has developed a full range of consulting services in this area from the development of strategic communication and marketing plans to research projects. We conduct public campaigns, implement projects, organise events, conferences, seminars, training and other activities and develop media strategies and relations including media leasing, planning and monitoring and  advertising.


BORAM has achieved a significant portfolio of documentary film production and adaptation, both commercial and non-commercial, in all media formats: TV, radio, print and web. BORAM has implemented most public interest campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About us

Since 2000, we have created and developed marketing strategies that have achieved remarkable results. The BORAM Agency employs ten full-time and over 80 contract workers. We have our own capacities in terms of experienced people and professional equipment and implement campaigns of social interest in accordance with the highest international standards. We also have excellent relations and cooperation with the media community and journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

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