EUSR – The Convention – Public debate “Pravo na Pravdu”

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„The rule of law is at the core of the EU enlargement process. This was also stressed in one of the six major flagship initiatives of the Western Balkan Strategy that was adopted by the EC in February 2018 with an aim to provide additional support to the Western Balkan countries to facilitate their accession to the EU.

In this context and in response to citizens’ demands for justice, the EC launched in April 2019 the Rule of Law initiative to monitor and assess the effective implementation of the rule of law-reforms and increase the accountability of the rule of law-chain in BiH. This initiative was led by Mr Reinhard Priebe (former Director for Western Balkans at the EC) who was supported by several experts. It included several very concrete activities such as fact-finding missions, trial monitoring, case-based peer-reviews on serious crimes and law-enforcement agencies.

The central public event of the initiative was a Public debate on the Rule of Law in BiH entitled ‘Pravo na pravdu!’ that took place in Sarajevo on 20 November 2019 at the BiH Parliamentary Assembly. The Public debate served as a platform to allow Mr. Priebe to listen to citizens’ and other stakeholders’ concerns and recommendations and be able to finalize the report accordingly. This also represented an opportunity for the engagement of civil society in discussing the findings from the Opinion and Analytical Report 2019 on the Rule of Law in BiH.

Within the context of the project’s objective and purpose, BORAM was entrusted with this contract with aim to provide all necessary services and activities related to planning, implementation, and management of the conceptual, logistical and technical services required for the organization of the one-day event/Public debate on the Rule of Law in BiH on the 20 November 2019 at the BiH Parliamentary Assembly in Sarajevo, in coordination with Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX).“