BH Treasure

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Having noted a great obstacle that BiH women from rural areas face when it comes to absorbing new trends and their incapacity to move away from very traditional handcrafts production technique, the project provided them with hands-on knowledge about modern fashion design, available new materials and all possibilities that digital technology offers, especially in the field of promotion and sale. Bearing in mind large share of BiH diaspora internationally (over 2 million of BiH citizens live in Europe and USA) and by using the most up-to-date tools to reach them and appeal to their nostalgia this online platform is expected to generate significant income for all women involved.

In the course of this project BORAM provided event management expertise for the comprehensive planning and implementation of one public event bringing together representatives and the identified members of the Association of Business Women in BiH and the network of women rights advocacy group “Rights for all”; and of consultations with the identified product designers for the representatives and members of the Association. Also, Boram provided technical expertise for the production of a system of online order of the products included in the BH Treasure offer by the Association, including a design and uploading of the content.