Pazi kako voziš!

Client Federalno Ministarstvo Unutrašnjih poslova
Campaign Pazi kako voziš!
Year 2018

BORAM produced billboards and advertisements highlighting the causes and consequences of traffic accidents. The unique campaign caught the immediate attention of BiH drivers, and media personnel and came to be regarded as one of the country’s most successful campaigns. It is said to have educated BiH citizens “overnight”.

Forum za prosperitet i zapošljavanje – Ekspertska konferencija u Banja Luci

Client Ured specijalnog predstavnika EU
Campaign Ekspertska konferencija u Banja Luci
Year 2014

BORAM organized and implemented forums that brought together the EBRD, EU, World Bank, and others to reinvent and coalesce the promotion of EU integration and economic reparation. BORAM managed logistics, and social media and online coverage of the event. The most notable result from the forums is the Compact for Growth and Jobs in BiH, a document which identifies six ways to reinvigorate BiH’s economy.

Mi mijenjamo sistem zdravstva- vi navike

Client Federalno Ministarstvo Zdravstva
Campaign Neka su svi zdravo!
Year 2018

BORAM developed many aspects of the FMZ campaign that sought to inform the public of upcoming healthcare policy reforms, and promote general health in BiH. BORAM developed a logo and managed the eighteen-month campaign while producing television shorts, radio features, printed materials, and social media outreach campaigns to better engage the public. The campaign emphasized the importance of a healthy lifestyle and prompted discussions about improving primary health care and communication between healthcare providers and recipients.

Sarajevo Kid’s Fest

Client The European Union (EU Delegation to BiH)
Campaign EU Awareness I
Year 2018

As part of EU Awareness, the European Commission’s campaign, BORAM cooperated with international and local institutions to develop outreach activities at the annual Kid’s fest. BORAM created project strategies, identified target audiences, and monitored the impact of all activities. In one tent, the EUD oversaw EU knowledge trivia games and answered attendees’ questions about the EU. In the other tent, children met and learned about their local police through a variety of games and Q&A sessions.

Outreach to Undergraduates Students – e4u

Client Ured specijalnog predstavnika EU u BiH
Campaigne 4u
Year 2016/17

BORAM cooperated with universities’ faculty, the EU, government officials, the media, and musicians, to launch a campaign that brought students from different universities into teams. Each team was tasked with designing the best informative outreach campaign aimed at jump-starting BiH’s economy. BORAM organized facilities for the events and produced video footage of the EU4U and students’ campaigns while managing the logistics of the entire campaign.

Jačanje uloge mjesnih zajednica u BiH

Client UNDP
Campaign Jačanje uloge mjesnih zajednica u BiH
Year 2016/17

BORAM developed a communication strategy which included media announcements, posters, radio spots, forums and movies promoting the Mjesne Zajednice’s successes, and the program itself. BORAM produced footage and audio for the campaign, and continues to launch and monitor media and PR outreach campaigns for the program.

Socio ekonomske reforme – Korak po korak

Client Ured specijalnog predstavnika EU
Campaign Korak po korak
Year 2016/17

BORAM organized and implemented multiple outreach events at schools and with BiH youths, to test their EU integration knowledge, and improve perceptions about what integration means. For one event, BORAM organized a debate between parliamentarians and students that made members of the Parliament and local government more accessible, while encouraging students to be involved in policy changes.

Borba protiv trgovine ljudima – Ljudi nemaju cijenu

Client Ministarstvo sigurnosti BiH
Campaign Ljudi nemaju cijenu
Year 2015

BORAM launched radio and print material to enlighten the public about the realities and prevalence human trafficking. BORAM also organized a penetrating press conference involving human “dolls” to represent the victims trafficking and make the issue more personal. BORAM arranged and provided press coverage and directed communications strategies.

Sporazum za rast i zapošljavanje – Sajam obrazovanja i zapošljavanja Banja Luka

Client Ured specijalnog predstavnika EU i Norveška ambasada u BiH
Campaign Sajam obrazovanja i zapošljavanja Banja Luka
Year 2015

BORAM cooperated with institutions and experts to implement three major job and education fairs emphasizing market education, job preparation, and youth participation in the labor force. The 400+ volunteer exhibitors gave lectures, interviews, exams, and mock-interviews. BORAM was instrumental from conception to completion in implementing and managing the fairs which drew in 27,500 prospective employees, received 12.496 CV’s, and brought 3.149 BiH citizens into the labor force. BORAM also managed and monitored promotion and impact of the event which reached over three million people.