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Campaigns for international institutions/organisations

Office of the European Union Special Representative in BiH and the Royal Norwegian Embassy
Forum for Prosperity and Jobs, Sarajevo
Forum for Prosperity and Jobs, Banja Luka
Education and Job Fair, Zenica
Education and Job Fair, Banja Luka
Education and Employment Fair, Mostar

„Gledaj od čega ćeš živjet'“(“Consider how will you make a living”)  is a campaign on Reform Agenda and Compact for Growth and Jobs (document
that was created as a result of Forums in Sarajevo and Banja Luka). Campaign was continued with Education and Employment Fairs in Zenica, Banja
Luka and Mostar. These three fairs were visited by 27,500 visitors, and resulted in 2,289 employed in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, and 3,950 open
workplaces in Mostar (exact number of employed at the Fair in Mostar will be available soon). Included in these projects were media campaigns
that familiarized the public with Reform Agenda/Compact for Growth and Jobs and promoted the Fairs, so that as many as possible students,
unemployed and members of marginalized groups would visit the events and use offered opportunities for education and employment.

Office of the European Union Special Representative in BiH
„Približavanje sporazuma za rast i zapošljavanje” (Outreach on Compact for Growth and Jobs) - raising awareness of BH citizens on
„Compact for Growth and Jobs“ through media campaign and event organisation in 15 towns in BiH.
„EU pred tvojim vratima” (EU at your door) - informing the citizens, through media campaigns, on country's European perspective, youth
event organisation in 15 smaller municipalities in BiH and informing the citizens through “Coffee with EU” activities. School debates, pop
quizzes and “Talent shows”.
„Parlament za Evropu” (Parliament for Europe) 2012/2013 i 2011/2012 ( 2 projects) -  Organised 5 sessions ( three (3) sessions in Sarajevo,
one (1) in Podgorica and one (1) in Brussels), 40 BiH parliamentarians per each session, media coverage and promotion.

Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina
“EU Awareness I” - BORAM Agency in consortium with MOSTRA Communication (Belgium) and Atos Origin Belgium beat a large number of
competing agencies from across Europe to win the tender for the prestigious two-year “EU Awareness” project designed to bring the EU
integration process “into people’s homes” and ensure that the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are completely familiar with a process that
will have a profound impact on their daily lives. The project sought to give citizens the kind of information that will equip them to take an
active part in the integration process.
“Takmičenja i promotivni materijali” (Competitions and promotional materials) - by organizing events (bicycle races, marathons, basketball
games, concerts, quizzes, etc.) and production of promotional material, the citizens could get introduced to programmes and policies of EU
and reforms that need to be undertaken as a part of EU accession.
“EU web site and Newsletters" - Organisation of TV and web coverage of more than 250 events of EU and EUSR delegations and their¸
placement in media and in EUD website Organisation of 10 briefings for journalists, in which high ranking officials of the EU
Delegation and representatives of BiH institutions took part.

„122 - Vaša policija” ( 122 - Your police) - Campaign on police responsibility “Your police”, which included media campaign, organisation of
15 events in 15 BH towns, 7 round tables and organisation of Police Day within Kids festival
“Godišnje kampanje” (Annual campaigns) - education of public on the importance of cooperation with police through yearly media
campaigns and organisation of various events throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, for different populations.

“PR kampanje” (PR campaigns) - Implementation of 7 PR campaigns on Euro-Atlantic integrations which included media campaigns, round
tables “Promotion of NATO values” in whole BiH, production of documentaries and TV adverts (NATO for better tomorrow, “War crimes-
Countdown”, “Elections”, “Armed Forces”…)

USNIC/ ANTEON/ US Ministry of Defense
“Antiterorizam” (Antiterrorism) - project whose goal was to raise awareness of threats and dangers of terrorist attacks and invite citizens to
report any suspicious doing that could imply a preparation of a terrorist act. Included in the campaign were conferences, media campaigns,
educational materials, video and audio materials, etc.

“EUFORIJA” - campaign whose goal was to promote the EUFOR mission and to explain mission goal through media campaign, to include
local community in sports events and to spend time with members of EUFOR.
“Medijske kampanje” (Media campaigns) - production of materials and media hiring of hundreds of radio campaigns whose aim was to
educate the citizens and promote the EUFOR mission.

„Pravilno odlaganje otpada” (Campaign for correct waste disposal) - which consisted of organisation of series of round tables, media
campaigns and prize contest for cleanest yard.
„HIV/ AIDS“ - campaign which provided information to the public regarding the existence of centers for free HIV testing, as well as
importance of protection and consequences of this vicious disease. Included in the campaign was World AIDS Day.

Cooperaziona Italiana
„Sport za sve” (Sport for all) - in the framework of project whose goal was improvement of social inclusion of special needs children and
decrease of stigmatization, BORAM implemented campaign “Sport for all”, featuring renown football player Emir Spahić.

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Campaigns for local institutions/organisations

Leading campaigns for all police structures (SIPA, FMUP, MUP RS, Canton police, Border police, Ministry of Security...) about police responsibility,
collaboration of police and local community, human trafficking…)

Ministry of Security
„Ljudi nemaju cijenu” (People have no price) - is a campaign for struggle against human trafficking that consisted of media campaign,
organisation of handing out of educational materials throughout BiH and organisation of press conference in front of the Cathedral in
Sarajevo, where a showcase was set up with living dolls with price tag, representing human trafficking victims.

Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs
„Pazi kako voziš” (Be careful how you drive!) - most noted campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which “over night” introduced the public to
causes and consequences of traffic accidents. The concept of the campaign was to place crashed cars next to billboards with messages,
which immediately attracted attention of drivers, pedestrians and media. It was officially rated as one of the most successful campaigns in
„Voli život, poštuj pravila” (Love life, respect the rules) - campaign on safety in traffic that consisted of organisation of series of quizzes and
events that had the goal to educate younger population and media campaign which informed the public about the causes of car accidents.
„Pazi kakav trag ostavljaš“ (Be careful what kind of mark you leave) - campaign on safety in traffic which consisted of organisation of series
of events and media campaign.

Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
„Ovako više ne može“ (It cannot go on like this any longer) -  Reform of social sector - campaign whose goal was to promote and raise
public awareness about positive change in public perception of network of social protection and reform of employment support.

Federal Ministry of Health
"Mi mijenjamo sistem zdravstva vi navike! - Neka su svi zdravi“ (We change healthcare you change habits! - Let’s all be healthy!)
campaign on promotion of family medicine and healthy habits (reform of health sector) which consisted of media campaign that promoted
multiple segments of healthy lifestyle, production of large number of educational materials and organisation of a large number of events.

Federal Ministry of Tourism and Environment
„Čist okoliš čista savjest“(“Clean environment clean consciousness”) - raising public awareness on waste management - campaign had the
aim to educate the society in this respect and improve the level of understanding by raising awareness and communication campaigns.

UNA Consulting
“Integrisano upravljanje otpadom” (Integrated Waste Management) - Campaign on citizens’ mobilization and public inclusion into the
process of integrated waste management. Information through media formats and debates through organisation of round tables.

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Campaigns for Non-Government organizations and marginalized groups

„Zajedno protiv diskriminacije žena u BiH“(„Together against discrimination of women in BiH “) - Workshops for NGOs and women that are
especially exposed to discrimination on mechanisms of protection and execution of media campaign that informed the public of necessary
actions for establishment of non-discrimination of women in all life areas. .

Social Inclusion Foundation BiH
„Mi smo tu” (We are here) - Organised round table “We are here” - analysis of current state of all persons with disabilities and possibilities
of their employment and self-employment in BiH

Partnership for Health and ICVA
„Zdravlje za sve” (Health for all) and „Zdravlje je pravo, a ne privilegija” (Health is a right, not a privilege) - public campaigns that were
designed to influence the change of policies and practices that contribute to inadequate system of health protection in the sense of: physical
availability of health services, respect of health laws and regulations and attitude of health administration towards the citizens.

KOMA - Coalition of Marginalized Groups
“Minimum socijalne sigurnosti i jednake mogućnosti” (Minimum of social security and equal opportunity) - Campaign advocated solutions
for establishment of minimum of social security and equal opportunity by adoption of measures on entity levels in BiH, such as changes and
additions of existing or adoption of new corresponding laws on social protection or other acts that regulate this area.
„Vaninstitucionalni sistemi podrške - servisi u lokalnoj zajednici“ (Extra-institutional systems of support - services in local community) -
Campaign advocated for adoption of adequate measures for regulation of extra institutional support of citizens from marginalized groups.

Center for Security Studies
“Naoružanje” (Armament) - Production and placement of media materials (TV adverts) on dangers and consequences of use of weapons
during festivities.

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